Explorers Peak and the Ruth Gorge Alaska / by Alasdair Turner

Below are some images from a recent 10 day trip in the Ruth Gorge, Alaska.  This is one of the most stunning places within Denali National Park and there is no where I would rather spend a week.  The weather was not perfect due to conditions that were warmer than expected.  We were able to climb a peak in the upper Ruth Gorge called Explorers Peak.  This seldom climbed summit presented the perfect challenge for our group of first time Alaska Range climbers.  After two days of practicing our crevasse rescue skills we headed across the Ruth Glacier on a 7 mile walk through the upper Ruth Icefall to the base of the route.  There we set up camp and climbed the following morning.  Due to warm conditions we decided to make the walk back to the Mountain House at night.  We packed up camp and started walking at 8pm arriving back at the airstrip at 1am.