Saving Scott And Shackleton's Huts on Ross Island, Antarctica by Alasdair Turner

Earlier this week CBS News published an article about the Antarctic Heritage Trusts restoration efforts on Captain Robert Falcon Scott, and Earnest Shackleton's huts located on Ross Island, Antarctica.  Several of my images were used in this article.  While in Antarctica the last two seasons I did some photography of the Antarctic Heritage Trusts conservators working in these huts.  Here is a link to the CBS News article.

Below is a video from NZ Antarctic Heritage Trust about the work that is being done on the huts.

It has been an incredible opportunity to watch the AHT work in these huts and the scope of these projects has amazed me as they progress.  For example if a nail had to be replaced, great care was taken to use nails that exactly match the ones originally used.  Below are some of the images from the project.  I have many more images of these huts located HERE.